SuperHero Wednesday : Celeste Barber

All Photos By : Celeste Barber

This woman is a SuperHero!!! Welcome to our club of SuperHeroes, Celeste Barber! We are honored to feature you here!

This woman has made us laugh until our tummies ached while reminding us that the world wide web is the best and worst thing we have. 

The way she sheds light on how unrealistically women/people are being portrayed and pictured online and in editorials is priceless, important and warms the very bottom of our Pechuga hearts. We love how she embraces her body and reminds us not always to trust what we see, to challenge the idealistic photos and apply it in our very normal contexts. 

We picked some of our favourites from her selection of awesome pictures on her Instagram profile - do yourselves a favour and go follow this woman on her Instagram here!

Now, go love your bodies, have a good laugh and a happy humpday! 


the Pechuga Team <3 

Celeste Barber.jpg


By Sofie Barfod, Creative Content Pechuga Chica