SuperHero Wednesday : Sophia Hadjipanteli

Happy Hump Day! You made it this far, and it’s time to celebrate with a round of SuperHero Wednesday. 

This week we’ve chosen to highlight beautiful Sophia Hadjipanteli as our SuperHeroine. We’ll tell you a bit about her (while also telling you a bit about our take on beauty). 

In today’s world beauty is highly dictated by a very limited amount of people, the media and the fashion industry. There are certain rules for what is beautiful. There are certain patterns, proportions, sizes, shapes and attitudes we have to pursue in order to be categorized as beautiful. But what about just looking like ourselves? No, that’s not beautiful. Do you hear it? It’s nuts, right? 

We have noticed Sophia Hadjipanteli because she’s a perfect example that once you deviate just a tiny bit from the norms of beauty you become beautiful followed by a ‘but’. 

Long live the fuzzy unibrow

As you can see, Sophia has a beautiful, bushy business going on above her eyes which is out of proportions with the standardized beauty measurements of how eyebrows should look in order to be categorized as beautiful. We love that. Sophia challenges the general take on beauty. She’s a woman who shows every sign of fulfilling the given standards of beauty, until people notice the unibrow. From the comments and the general hate on her Instagram profile we observe comments like 'she looks like a monkey' and 'shave that ugly brow girl', signaling a deeply hostile attitude towards the fact that she redefines her own beauty by detaching herself from the norms of beauty. The unibrow distorts the beauty. Why?! Why have we become so attached to a certain set of rules that prevents us from deviating from the norms of beauty without a loss of beauty? Why are we so bound to this? Why are we not intelligent enough to see through the superficial, made-up rules for what is beautiful? Let’s talk a bit about that. 

(before moving on, we have to add that Sophia also receives big amounts of love of her IG, and that warms our hearts)

Let’s create a new and obtainable kind of beautiful

We dream of being a part of a world where beauty is something that is equal for all, and where beauty is something that is equally obtainable – a world where beauty is obtained from good deeds instead of how we look. A world where beauty isn’t something that will give some people more privileges than others. Why are some human beings granted more privileges than others on the basis of their looks, how their faces are organized or how their legs are shaped? Why are we letting our opinions and views being distorted by an industry? Let’s not, aye! 

We love how Sophia Hadjipanteli reminds us that being ourselves and independently choosing how we want to look is something we need to do more. Sophia creates a path towards redefining beauty standards, and we would like to join in on creating that path. Not only do we need to redefine visible beauty standards, we need to break them down, because there shouldn’t be any standard for how we should look. There shouldn’t be a standard dictating how much we are worth on the basis of how we look. 

We know that our beauty vision may seem utopic and a bit naïve, but dreaming never hurt anyone, did it? We only have good intentions and the sky is the limit. We have to redefine beauty in a way so it becomes a common thing for all of us. Beauty should be a thing that unites us and should be based on our WORTH, instead of a thing that tears us apart. 

Now, please continue your Wednesday, and be beautiful, just the way you are!


The Pechuga Team


By: Sofie Barfod, Creative Content Pechuga Chica