Happy New Year - Good Vibes from us

What a f***cking year! And what to do with the next one? 

Regardless if this was your best or your worst, or maybe more realistically a good mix of both  - here is one of the most insightful ten minutes to base your New Years resolutions on.

José Mujíca, former president of Uruguay, also known as the poorest president talks shortly and very simply about what is important in life. We admire him and his life very mucho!  

We want to thank you guys for supporting us this year, joining our cause and spreading the Pechuga vibes all around the world. We have good plans for the coming year, but we also do acknowledge that life will come hit you in the face with challenging and tough times - so let's see what happens. 

All in all, we just want Pechuga to be a universe that promotes equality, love, acceptance and giving a shit about people and our planet ❤️