Introducing : SuperHero Wednesday


Yes, we know, it is not Wednesday yet, but we are too excited to keep quiet about this!! So here you have one final teaser for our newest initiative:

The Pechuga Team is introducing ... Superhero Wednesday!

We have decided to spice up everyone’s hump day by celebrating and honoring outstanding personalities in our Pechuga universe. We are inspired and encouraged by a massive amount of heroes and heroines out there, and we would love to share our thoughts and passions about these personalities. This initiative gives us a chance to let you guys get under our skin and tell you about some of the many thoughts behind Pechuga.

Our heroes and heroines are not necessarily a public, realistic, famous or known character – the most important thing for us is that they are in line with our values and stand out from the crowd as hero(ines)s of our everyday lives.

With this line of blog posts we hope to engage you guys even more in our Pechuga universe and tell you about who inspire us to do what we do. 

We hope to see you guys back here tomorrow for the very first SuperHero Wednesday 

So, let’s make this baby fly!

Love from the Pechuga team

Anna, Hanne, Nina & Sofie