Cause : Australia Votes For Same-Sex Marriage

 Photo: Australian Marriage Equality 

Photo: Australian Marriage Equality 

If you are not already aware, we will now enlighten your Friday with some news that have warmed our Pechuga hearts over the last couple of weeks.

In the beginning of last week all Australian citizens were receiving ballots for a survey on same sex marriage. The survey contains one question that simply asks for a yes or a no to whether you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.

We are thrilled about these news, as it is a great and important step towards letting people love whoever they love, and marry whoever they wish to spend the rest of their lives with, without anyone telling them that they can't. And yes, it is terrifying that a nation like Australia has a legislation that decides which kind of love is the right kind of love, and therefore this survey is extremely important for the cause. We believe in letting love flourish no matter the gender, and we love that the people of Australia are now able to take a stand on the battlefield of equal rights for all human beings. We know that the survey is just a survey, meaning that it will have no direct influence on the legislation, but it will call for a potential vote in parliament.

We are crossing our fingers that the majority of the Australians will vote for a big fat YES to an amendment of the law against same-sex marriages so that we can move one step closer to accepting all human beings for exactly who they are. 


By: Sofie Barfod, Creative Content Pechuga Chica