SuperHero Wednesday : Nina Schöler

We are presenting this Wednesday's SuperHero: Nina Schöler, Designer and Cultural Historian

Nina works as our design assistant and really just anything and everything in between production, design, events and sales. You know when you are in a tiny startup like Pechuga, you tend to work in several directions all at once. We have chosen Nina as our Super Heroine this Wednesday because she is an inspiration to us! She is passionate about creating and supporting a sustainable fashion industry, and we are sure that her design talent, her degree in ethnology and her drive will shoot her to the top. 

We made a video - yes we did! And we made it in an app to look oldschool - very cliché, but do we love it? YES. (sorry for it being in Danish though) <3

Apart from the video we asked Nina five SuperHero questions. Have a look at them here, you won't be bored!:

How do you define a Superhero? 

Someone with magical powers of course! Haha – no, to be serious I think that the superheroes of the everyday life are people that unselfishly help others. Of course I could mention someone really famous, but I really dig the small things in life and how ordinary people are super extraordinary. So superheroes are people that smile on the bus and cashiers that tell you to have god day! Superheroes are people who spread joy!

Which people inspire you?

Which people inspire you? Many people do! I'm a big history nerd and I especially love talking to elderly people about the past and how their lived their lives. For historians, going back 50 or 60 years in time seems like nothing, but for me so many things have changed throughout the last century – and to talk to people, who've lived such different lives from mine, is so inspiring and I really think, that we can learn a lot from those years when money and resources where sparse. Take my grandmother – she is 92, and she is the most sustainable person I know. She has always taken very good care of her clothes – always chosen high quality over cheap clothes and she always repairs or re-makes garments that are broke or worn out. Her confirmation dress was handed down to all her sisters and re-designed every time – talk about recycling! And I have experienced that this isn't just my grandmother being super sustainable, but her entire generation – and I think they behave like this, because of the circumstances that they were raised under, like WW2 and the unemployment crises in the 30ies and people simply didn't have any other choice of life – so being sustainable, by recycling, remaking and choosing high quality products was simply the only way! Today many of us live very comfortable lives, but we still have a crisis – an environmental one – and I think we can make a huge change, if we aspire to live just a tiny bit like the generations before us. So go visit your granny, and learn how to repair your clothes!

What makes your heart spark in your daily life?

You have probably already guessed, that I am a huge sustainable-fashion-lover, so of course my hearts sparks when I hear or read about fashion brands that are responsible in terms of sustainability. I really think that it is the industry that needs to take action, so when brands break out of the conventional (and not environmentally friendly!) ways of producing garments, – and choose sustainable materials and responsible ways of producing – that makes me very very happy. So of course – working with Pechuga, makes my heart spark! And cake and dogs.

If the sky is the limit (which it is), what would your ultimate vision and dream be?

Uhh.. so if I like won the lottery – I would buy a big old farm house near the beach and farm organic vegetables (I have no idea how to do that by the way) and have chickens and goats and go surfing every day!

Who would you nominate for SuperHero Wednesday and why?

I am going to nominate all of the cool grannies in the world, for being super sustainable without even knowing it!


This was it for this SuperHero Wednesday - a big thanks to the coolest Nina Schöler we know! You inspire us and we love to inspire you!


By: Sofie Barfod, Creative Content Pechuga Chica