SuperHero Wednesday : Ulrikke Falch

 Photo: Mariann Vit for 2minutter Magazine

Photo: Mariann Vit for 2minutter Magazine

We have reached hump day and you know what that means, don't you? Another round of SuperHero Wednesday you say? You are completely right darling!

This week we are presenting a woman whom we have loved to the bone since we first saw her face on the kult series SKAM. Here we met the extremely likeable, loving, naive and innocent Vilde, and while we fell in love with her we got to know more and more about the soul behind her. Ulrikke Falch. Ever since she showed her face on SKAM we have been drawn into her universe as if she's our Rachel and we're her Ross, and nominating her as this week's SuperHero is our perfect shot to write a few lines about our infatuation with her. We could write for days about her, but we'll limit this diary post to how we look at beauty, and how Ulrikke learns us about it. 

From just checking out Ulrikkes instagram you quickly figure out which kind of woman she is. She is a woman who encourages us to embrace ourselves for who we are and for how our bodies look like, and she shows us how to do it every day. She learns us to laugh at what immediately seems perfect and beautiful per definition. She teaches us to be body positive. 

Our bellies, our Pechugas, our thighs, our butt cheeks, our fuzzy hair, and the wrinkles on our nose are all unique features of our bodies that make us perfect, just the way we are. We are beautiful when we refrain from posing to the camera, and we are beautiful after eating a combo meal with burgers, fries, and a milkshake, followed by a gallon of ice-cream. We are beautiful when we have completed a marathon - no matter if it's 42,2 kilometers or if it's 3 seasons of Friends on a Sunday. We are beautiful no matter if we're a size 4 or a size 18, and we are beautiful when we laugh at, and break down the boundaries that dictates what is beautiful. We are beautiful when we cry, and we are beautiful when we don't. We are beautiful when we are hungover, and we are beautiful on Monday mornings. We are beautiful when we go topless on the beach - just because we can, and we are beautiful when we land a huge belly flop next to the inflatable flamingo in the swimmingpool. We are beautiful all year round. We are beautiful together and we are beautiful alone. 

In today's world we are in danger of having our self-esteem ruined from all kinds of directions, medias, trends and commercials and Ulrikke reminds us not to let us affect by anything but ourselves. We especially love how she made it a mission to boost girls' self-esteems in public bathroom by leaving bodypositive quotes on yellow post-its on the mirrors. 

As mentioned, we could be writing for days about Ulrikke, but we'll end this diary post with a beauty quote from Ulrikke herself:


'Definition of beauty: When I am proud of myself.
When I feel that I am helpful. When I read a book
and gain new knowledge. When I make someone
laugh. When I feel like a superhuman while boxing
in the air and listen to Shrek soundtracks.
That's real beauty bitches


We'll let that sink into your system while wishing you a beautiful Wednesday - and let you in on a little secret: we have a huge dream of seeing Ulrikke in a Pechuga Tee, let's make it happen! <3 


Much love from the Pechuga Team



By: Sofie Barfod, Creative Content Pechuga Chica.