SuperHero Wednesday : Lucia Odoom

The Queen of modern Pop Culture in Denmark - Lucia Odoom our SuperHero this month - writer, podcast host and advocate for the importance of pop culture, radio host and the list goes on and on. 

We have followed Lucia for some time now, and we are very inspired by her honest and often humoristic universe on Instagram. She is the host of a great podcast at Politikens Poptillæg - where they discuss and highlight everything in between the 20th anniversary of Sex And The City, literature and why serial killers are so popular for our sunday binge watching on Netflix. We love it! We love that a voice is given to a part of our culture that is just as important today as fine culture was many years ago - so instead of disregarding us (this generation) as non-cultural because we aren't reading Aristoteles and expressing ourselves through poetry, Lucia is claiming a space for Pop Culture. 

THANK YOU Lucia for giving our generations culture a voice and importance! <3

We asked here five questions here - we hope you feel inspired by her down-to-earth approach to inspiring people and dreams, just as we are.  

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How do you define a SuperHero/Heroine? 

Its a person who does whatever she/he wants and makes an effort. Its my hairdresser for example, Kisu, who is a human institution for her customers and an amazing hairdresser. 

Which people inspire you? 

A lot of people do. My colleagues that help and read each others articles, and my editors that help me understand my own voice better. Nina Simone who communicates life and Joan Didion who observes, Suzanne Brøgger, Tove Ditlevsen and the writer James Baldwin who had style and wisdom.

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What makes your heart sparkle in your daily life? 

Music makes my heart register the world more clearly. Briefly falling in love and also the love for the people who know me the best. To take a walk and look at people and read a book on a bench in the sun. When a guy comes and reads beside me and it feels like an unplanned date. Wearing fab cloths gives me a feeling of dignity, it does not have to be expensive, but it has to stand out.

If the sky is the limit, what would be your ultimate dream be? 

To write books and movie scripts and to live in a house with a garden with apple trees and rhubarbs and black berries, and be surrounded by family and friends, and to define what family is in my own way. 

Who would you nominate for SuperHero Wednesday and why? 

I would like to nominate Oskar Fehlauer who is a yound and promising writer at the Sein Magazine. Very worldly-vise, but really young.


All photos are from Lucia's inspiring universe on Instagram - go follow her <3