SuperHero Wednesday : Matilde Trobeck

SuperHero Wednesday is back on track - weeeellll, at least we will be sharing a role model, a personal heroine or great story with a great person every first wednesday of the month.

So here is our TOP PICK - Helse Matilde 💥

This wonderful, strong, loving and intelligent woman is a huge role model for us, not just because she is sharing honest and real content about life, body ideals and sorrow - but because she has brought the topic of LONELINESS to SoMe. She dared to stand out and talk about how she has been fighting loneliness for years after losing her brother and getting over a long relationship. She gives loneliness a voice - and we love that! Because loneliness is not about not having tons of people around you, its a feeling that can just be without no obvious reason, or because you have lost a loved one, or because you feel like you have to hide a side of yourself you are ashamed of, or because you really feel alone and miss having more friends. Either way, what is important and what we see Matilde fighting for is adressing and destigmatising the emotion - BECAUSE HIDING IT AND NOT TALKING ABOUT IT MAKES US LONELY. 


Matilde is super courages to share about love, life and sorrow, and really  something to admire in these SoMe times - so THANK YOU MATILDE for giving a voice to being just normal and for reminding us that big and heavy emotions too are 'normal'. We are so proud to call you our SuperHeroine! 

Matilde has started a group called 'Find en veninde #du er aldrig alene' - you can join this group to find new friends and share feelings about loneliness. JUST BEAUTIFUL! 

You can also read Matildes latest Blog Post here